Our favorite boy next door with his charming personality and calm confidence surely knows how to keep his game going in the fashion world. Starting right from crisp formal looks down right to keeping it casual, Azfar Rehman definitely knows how to style his way through everything. Be it day or night he surely knows what he is in the mood for when it comes to dressing. Let’s take a walk through some of his top casual looks for the season that are effortlessly dashing and totally classic.

We love how Azfar prefers to keep it simple and casual in the summer with a pair of shorts and t-shirt. Plus nothing like the coolness of white to beat down the sweltering heat, so full points on the color selection here!

Taking it up a notch we simply love how he styles his brown leather jacket with ripped denim. While his jacket adds that formal touch, his ripped jeans perfectly balance out the whole look and make it seem super casual and fun. Those sneakers are the perfect touch to add to finish off the whole outfit.

Azfar certainly makes white look good, in a casual button down shirt paired with a white t-shirt, the overall look is super cool. The winner here undoubtedly is his accessory of choice, which is this sleek hat. Adding the hat has made his whole look seem casual and smart at the same time.

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Seen here in another sleek and casual look, Azfar opts for a monochrome look and styles a smart white jacket on top of a simple black tee. Those smooth sunglasses add to his charm and the smolder is absolutely killer.


We simply love Azfar Rehman and his casual style, and we are certain that white is definitely Azfar’s preferred choice of colors while coordinating his casual looks. Well no matter what he chooses Azfar always manages to style it impeccably.


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