We’ve had our eyes peeled for the Shamoon Abbasi’s directorial debut and starrer, titled Durj, for quite some time now. And the wait for the movie is about to come to an end as the trailer dropped today and it’s thrilling as hell!

Here’s what you need to know about Durj: It’s based on true events that actually took place in Pakistan, and is said to cover one of the most terrifying crimes that surfaced not long ago. While the trailer doesn’t outright say it, it’s hinted that the story revolves around a cannibal, residing somewhere secluded. This intriguing character is played by the man of many faces, Shamoon Abbasi himself, with quite an unsettling look. He is accompanied by Sherry Shah, who plays his love interest, and her look is equally creepy and commendable.

The impressive trailer shows gruesome images of what seems like lots of blood, dead bodies, and skulls. It shows the cast- which also includes Myra Khan, singer-turned-actor Nouman Javaid, Majid aka Dodi Khan, Imran Rizvi, Kanwal Nazar, and others- in action-packed sequences and engaging conversations. The movie doesn’t look like it’s made for ones with a weak heart. But fans of gore and eerie plots are in for a treat. The dark theme of the trailer, along with power-packed dialogues, is bound to keep everyone on their toes.

The actors really went all in to prove their dedication to their roles. Shamoon Abbasi underwent a major transformation for the film, growing his beard for more than a year and going bald, and is being appreciated for his efforts all over. Sherry Shah also went out of the way by gaining an astounding forty pounds and shaving her head for the role, which surely wouldn’t have been easy.

Fans are liking how the trailer doesn’t give away all that the movie has to offer, and leaves a lot to the imagination and mystery. The release date is yet to be announced, but we know we’d be waiting eagerly, as the cinema needs to broaden its horizons with movies and genres like this one.

Watch Trailer Below;


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