Defense day is one of the most significant days in the history of Pakistan. Had our armed forces, along with civilians hadn’t defended boldly, things would have been different on the territorial landscape of the world. Even today marred with terrorism, Pakistan is bravely and boldly fighting the menace on the forefront with courage and determination.

To celebrate and appreciate azadi, BOLD added fragrance to the air by introducing a special deodorant for independence and defense day which is an idea of its own kind. Its smell resonates with the spirit of Pakistan and symbolizes the smell of freedom.

The premium deodorant represents self-confidence and boldness. Being bold and unconventional is not wrong as long as it is constructive; BOLD makes sure to follow the unorthodox route in a constructive manner. It introduced ‘gas free sprays’ which means more quantity and increase in affordability.

Being gas free also suggests that the main idea is not just commercialism but to be careful and caring about the needs of men and boys.  The fragrance stays for long hours since liquid does not evaporate as quickly as gas vapours.

Bold Body Spray has 3x more liquid content with a voice that must be heard! #BeBold #ChangeTheGame

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In its manufacturing health factors are ensured, a strictly monitored industry in UAE makes sure to put together a product that doesn’t poses risks to the health of the consumers.

BOLD’s call to ‘change the game’ is a call to get out of the box. By making BOLD the part of their lives, people will step towards finding the best out of themselves.



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