The youngsters of today are mostly misunderstood on their behavior. They see things with different view – which is unconventional – and try to create their own unique identity. In doing so, they do not hesitate to try new things. This is exactly what Dayfresh Flavored Milk’s recently released TVC has talked about. In order to give a cool impression to their friends, youth try fizzy drinks, which are unhealthy for their health. In a campaign launched with the TVC, Dayfresh has given them a healthy yet cool option to consume.

The personalities shown in the TVCs are well explained. They are cool and they do not hesitate in expressing their thoughts or follow their instincts. They are adventurous; they like to take different challenges and these are the things which build their personalities. These are the things which other brands including Dew, Spirit and 7up, have also considered in their campaigns but the youth in their TVC have often seen doing irresponsible acts. Dayfresh does not only give a better alternative to youth but it also urges youth to be responsible and adopt an attitude that allows them to enhance their true personality and follow their pursuits.

Dayfresh Flavored Milk offers four flavors including Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana and Pista Zafran. All of them are made according to different personalities of the youth.

Lets Date Chocolate – TVC 2017

Hit the sweet connection with your special date with chocolate.Get that edge of an attitude, making you steal the spotlight. #DateWithChocolate #DoodhWithAnAttitude #Dayfresh #DayfreshFlavoredMilk

Posted by Dayfresh Flavored Milk on Friday, October 6, 2017


The chocolate flavor is made for adventurous people, who are daring sophisticated. They usually get more attention than other personalities.


Dayfresh Flavored Milk’s Strawberry flavor targets social active people. They are bubbly and friendly in nature. More precisely, it targets who are either studying or working and very social on campus or at workplace. They are fashionable and carry a lot of positive energy with them.

Pista Zafran:

Pista Zafran is for the youth who are more confident than others and pure hearted. They make their own choices and hardly get affected by the opinions of others. They are cool in their own way.


This flavor is for the youth who make things happen. They are also artistic and well cultured.  They know how to get things done. The world is their canvas/stage.

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