After proving his acting skills in drama serial Udaari, the male lead Farhan Saeed in back on HUM’s screen again.

The multi-talented star, Farhan Saeed is paired up with one of the emerging ladies of Pakistani drama industry, Iqra Aziz, in Ramazan special play Suno Chanda. The on-screen share great chemistry.

Suno Chanda is directed by Aehsun Talish and sees Farhan play the Australia-returned Arsal. The two characters enjoy a bittersweet love-hate relationship that brings a lot of diversity to the emotions they share on screen together. Farhan and Iqra have previously also collaborated over the music video for Hamza Malik’s O jaana but while Iqra acts in the video, Farhan directs it.

As an artist, Farhan Saeed has always outdone himself and been better and better. When he is one of the leading singers in Pakistan, he is also an even better actor.

His character of Arsal from Suno Chanda isn’t your everyday soap opera hero and this is more than evident from the charisma and originality that Farhan brings to the role. You would almost think that once he plays a role you cannot imagine another actor doing it, he just makes it his own.

Suno Chanda is 20 episodes down into the series, and we can be sure we have at least 10 another or so episodes worth of great, witty drama to come our way. And as long as Arsal is around, we can expect things to get better and better.


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