This is a tribute to all the wonderful artists all round the world. All my life, I had been hearing that the only respectable occupation and profession that required hard work was medicine. As I grew up with immense pressure from the family to get into a medical field, I realized it was not my parents but the society that inculcated and supported the idea that arts and humanities were the professions for the weak.

As I grew up, I realized that abilities, hard work and efforts artists and fashion designers put in, were undermined to a great extent. Having friends who have done their bachelors with arts as their majors, made me pondered over as to why these fields were not considered as important as others.

I’ve witnessed artists working for hours and hours on a single mural, their work being rejected again and again for minors errors and not attending family gatherings due to their projects and assignments.

I’ve seen artists working at low salary scales, not bragging about their work. Had it not been these people around us, we would be deprived of all the beautiful buildings we have today, all the amazing wall art and all the perfect designs we wear. It’s about time that we start lauding the beauty and hard work of all the artists around us and stop tagging this profession as an easy job that can be opted by anyone and everyone!

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