‘Not a fan of abusive, sexual content on Digital’ Fahad Mustafa


Fahad Mustafa said Pakistan should make Digital content but without adopting abusive and sexual content culture from other countries.

Speaking to BBC Urdu, the Actor in Law star said he is working on a couple of Digital projects but he will try to come up with an idea and not just the abusive or sexual content to gain viewership.

“Yes, I am working on a couple of Digital projects. But, to be honest, I am not a big fan of abusive, sexual content, or content featuring soft porn. I am in my 30s now and I don’t have such interests at all,” he said.

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“I think Pakistan should make Digital content but we can’t go on that side. If Pakistani digital content goes to the world, it must represent us and not others,” he added.

Talking about Pakistani dramas under his production getting ban, Fahad said he doesn’t see anything wrong in his content. “I don’t see anything wrong in Jalan, Nand or any other drama. Still, if our dramas are getting banned, it means we are touching topics which are real but unbearable for some people,” he reiterated.

“And yes, somewhere we need to keep PEMRA busy,” he laughed.

It must be noted here that Fahad-produced drama serial Jalan got banned twice due to concerns over its content by the general public.

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