‘I am not an activist because they work daily for a cause’ Mahira


Mahira Khan doesn’t consider herself a social activist because she thinks ‘activists’ are those who work actively every day for a cause.

In an interview with Khaleej Times, Mahira explained why she doesn’t call herself an activist.

“As far as activism goes, yes, I do speak out about things close to my heart. I stay silent about things which I feel I don’t know enough about. But ‘activists’ are those who are actively working every day for a cause. So I don’t call myself an activist. I do try to use my platform for different causes but ‘activism’ is a wholly different ballgame,” she said.

The Superstar actor believes that she has a heavy responsibility while having social media following. “One image, one video that we post makes a difference because we have that kind of following. You realize the responsibility that you have when people are clicking on your profile and your message gets amplified,” she shared.

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