“After months of hard work by the entire crew I present to you the first ever look of ‘MOM’!” writes Adnan Siddiqui as he shares the first look of his film MOM starring Bollywood veteran Sridevi as his wife and Pakistani actress Sajal Aly as their daughter. “I am currently pacing left to right with utmost joy & excitement,” he adds.

The whole cast and crew of the movie along with Pakistani actors Adnan Siddiqui and Sajal Aly traveled to Bangkok to shoot the last spell of the movie this last week.

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“We laughed, ate, cried, acted, travelled and what not for #MOM, making it one of the fondest memories that I’m going to surely reminisce in the future,” expresses Siddiqui.

I wanted to sit down & appreciate all & every single effort that was made for the successful completion of the signature project "MOM" Completing a feature film is not an easy job. I have learnt a lot as an actor, a film maker & most importantly as an artist. I am ever so grateful to the entire team of 'MOM' Normally, people would talk about the captain in the end but I would want to start with him, his vision, his commitment to the core & his clarity on the screenplay is not to be taken for granted. Mr. Ravi, what a pleasure it was having you as the director of our film. Thank you for all the new things that you taught me & for having the confidence in me. Grish, the mind behind the story. When we all about writers, we automatically visualize an artist who is not very concerned about his looks but My oh My, Grish was immaculate with his dressing sense & it was always a joyful experience having him around. Thank you for offering us the script to work on, you deserve an applause. A person who taught me so much about business skills, dealings, anticipations & forecasting co-producer Mr. Sunil Manchanda you an expert & i thank you for imparting that knowledge on me too. Last but not the least, the power – duo, #BoneyKapoor & #SriDevi G! Boney Jee, before I say anything else, I would say your love for food was never selfish. You got us all the best food when you were around. Having a food lover as your producer is probably one of the most happiest things I have ever encountered. Therefore, your rare absence from the sets was treated with a lot of sadness! I have learnt a lot from you sir, both as a human & as an artist. I wish you always remain the way you are for people to know & experience the aura we call Boney Jee! Sri Devi, a widely respected & adored house hold name. You are a legend & I now know what makes you that great. I have not seen a finer & such a detailed artist before. It was an honor to work with you, learn from you, share the screen with you & most importantly learn the art of humility from you. What you will see on screen will be a collection of some stunning efforts given by this core team. #MOM #Pakistan #bollywood #14thjuly2017

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He also introduced everyone associated with the movie. “It includes, the ever-so-talented Akshay Khanna, the Hilarious Nawazuddin Siddiqui, the villainous Abhimanyu Singh, epitome of grace & beauty Sri devi jee, & Sajjal and me, whom I like to call ‘people from the same block’ haha,” he shares with a laugh.

Siddiqui wrote that the story of the film is one of the most heartfelt ones he has had the chance to read and work upon. “Kudos for bringing such an amazing script into play. A beautiful story, combined with such talented actors and music by A.R Rahman, the musical genius, is set to create a lasting impact on everybody on July 14th 2017!,” he wrote.

With further excitement, he wrote that he cannot wait for MOM to grace the screens soon and witness audience’s reaction. “Hopefully it resonates with the blood, sweat and tears involved in the making of it,” he hoped.


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