After every new PSL anthem, fans end up liking previous one


Pakistan Super League (PSL)’s fans eagerly wait for new anthem every year but end up liking the previous one. This was not the first time that a PSL anthem was disliked initially by a number of people on social media, every year such reactions come out.

PSL 7’s official anthem ‘Agay Dekh‘ featuring Atif Aslam and Aima Baig got released on Monday after a lot of delays. Atif made his PSL debut while Aima sang PSL anthem for second consecutive year.

As expected, after listening to Agay Dekh, typical Pakistani fans said ‘Isse Achaw toh Pichle Saal Wala Groove Mera Tha [Last year’s PSL anthem Groove Mera was better than this]. If I am not wrong, then Groove Mera was one of the most criticized anthems of PSL so far.

Meanwhile, there are some fans who don’t want to move on from Ali Zafar’s PSL anthems.

However, Atif’s fans came out in numbers to drop love reactions on the newly released anthem.

PSL anthems are recreated to bring excitement among fans, that’s why the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) change the theme, lyrics and singers every year, Agey Dekh is one of the examples. You listen to it a couple of times, you may end up liking it as well. Its not as much bad as you might have heard on social media.


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