In a resounding statement, Younis Khan has dismissed claims that retired Pakistani cricketers are fitter than the current players of the national team. This came after he led the Pakistan Champions to a decisive victory over the India Champions in the World Championship of Legends (WCL) 2024.

The inaugural edition of WCL 2024, organized by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), is currently being held in England. The T20 tournament, which began on July 3, will conclude on July 13 in Birmingham.

On Saturday, the Pakistan Champions ended India’s two-game winning streak with a commanding 68-run victory, marking their third consecutive win in the tournament. This impressive performance has drawn attention and praise, highlighting the enduring skill and fitness of Pakistan’s retired cricketers.

During the post-match press conference, Younis Khan addressed the perception that the retired cricketers of the Pakistan Champions appear fitter than the current national team. “It’s not like that. Our current team is very fit. When a team doesn’t win, such things are said. We are winning, which is why people are speaking positively about us,” Younis stated.

Younis emphasized that their primary goal is to win the tournament and uplift the spirits of their fans, particularly those who were disheartened by the Pakistan team’s recent poor performance in the T20 World Cup. “We aim to win the trophy and give our fans something to smile about,” he added.

The Pakistan Champions’ success in the WCL 2024 is a testament to the enduring talent and dedication of its players. As the tournament progresses, the team remains focused on their mission to bring joy and pride to their supporters, showcasing that their passion for the game and commitment to excellence remain undiminished.


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