Still reeling in the success of his Coke Studio hit Pasoori, Ali Sethi has no plans of taking a break. In a recent Instagram live session, the singer just announced he has new music all ready to release in the form of an album. In fact, the release date is as soon as next month.

“There’s something coming next week, and then there’s something coming the week after that, and then next month, there’s probably a whole album coming. And then a little tour in North America,” he said, suggesting that two new singles will be released in the next couple of weeks, followed by an entire album. It’s also a great chance for his fans in North America to gear up and attend one of his upcoming concerts.

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Sethi’s discography currently consists of some hit covers, original singles, and his collaborations with Coke Studio. Apart from Pasoori, his singles like Rung, Chandni Raat, Ishq, and Chan Kithan are globally loved.

What genre do you think Sethi will explore this time around? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments.


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