2018 was a great year for many reasons. For one, it opened the gates for the #MeToo movement to prevail and encouraged public conversations about harassment. We all remember how singer Meesha Shafi made ground-breaking news by coming forth with her #MeToo story and her unpleasant experience with Ali Zafar. The case is still ongoing in court, but it made a revolution in the sense that it encouraged women to speak up and hold harassers accountable for their behaviour.

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However, what really kickstarted this movement in Lahore was when a couple of girls opened up on Twitter about their unfortunate experience with Patari’s CEO, Khalid Bajwa. And now social media is having a field day as one of the girls was found partying at Ali Zafar’s residence in Lahore last night. Some videos that resurfaced show the girl in question having the time of her life, with Zafar merrily serenading his guests.


This has sparked major outrage amongst Pakistanis on Twitter, as this girl was the one of the first ones to support Shafi and speak out against Ali Zafar, and harassment. Her way of casually standing in solidarity with Zafar, by partying at his house, has not gone down well with feminists, and everyone has been expressing their distaste ever since.


Many have called her out for hypocrisy, in many different ways.




What made matters worse was the girl’s explanation for the night, pinning it on ‘free booze’.


The girl, Mehravar, has been getting the brunt of it all, as her experience with Bajwa made the CEO step down from his position, and also made a lot of Patari employees leave their jobs to stand with her in unison.


On the other hand, Ali Zafar is also getting bashed for partying with women half his age.


While some think Zafar is not to be blamed, as the guests are at the age of consent and attended the party with their own free will.

Some even made memes to make light of the situation.

Which, in turn, sparked more outrage as their reckless behaviour has reduced a monumental movement to measly jokes.

So, basically, here’s the gist of it.

The outrage is yet to be addressed by any of the concerned parties, but check this space to stay updated.


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