Asif Raza Mir features in ‘Gangs of London’


Pakistan’s veteran actor Asif Raza Mir appeared in ‘Gangs of London’, a new international mini-series for Sky Atlantic and Cinemax.

According to the details, ‘Gangs of London’ is an international big-budget mini-series which has been released on April 23. Its story revolves around a global crime set in a multicultural setting while crossing the streets of present-day London.

In an interview with the Canadian News channel, Mir said that he liked the story of ‘Gangs of London’ because it was based on a typical crime gangster series.

“The nice thing about this project that I personally liked is that it’s a typical crime gangster series,” Mir said. “But every individual (in it) has his own backstory and at the same time has the human side of it, the family, the emotions,” he added.

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