Asim Jofa launches first-of-its-kind Single-Designer Awards


Renowned celebrity fashion designer, Asim Jofa is all set to launch the first-ever single-designer award show, titled the ‘Asim Jofa Fashion Awards’, to celebrate the talent and hard work of the individuals that helped him bring his collections to life from across four iconic industries.

Asim Jofa has always gone above and beyond what we expect from designers, launching 12 collections in 2021 alone. With the sheer number of collections put out by the brand, the talent involved to bring it all together is what the designer is looking to celebrate.

Asim Jofa has come out with some of the biggest releases of the year, bringing together talent from various industries. The designer has successfully merged 4 leading facets, namely Film/TV, Music, Fashion, and Digital Influencers through these releases, leading the industry in ways no other fashion designer has done before.


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“Asim Jofa Fashion Awards” will be divided into 22 unique categories that will be categorized across the collections for those not only in front of the camera, but will also celebrate those who have worked behind the scenes; from makeup artists, stylists, and photographers, the designer will recognize every aspect of work and talent that goes into making the fashion brand what it is today.

The winners of the awards will be decided through a voting system that will take place exclusively online. The online voting platform will also specifically be monitored by an independent entity to ensure a transparent voting system where the nominees are selected through social media analytics.

Asim Jofa as a brand has carved a niche for itself through a plethora of collections. It is coveted and endorsed by many moguls of the showbiz, music, and fashion industry as well as the most esteemed social media sensations.


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The brand has provided a platform that engages personalities from all spheres of the media industry. Working with more than 100 faces this past year alone is a remarkable feat in itself as the designer is celebrated for creating an inclusive space for all superstars to meet on a united front.

About Asim Jofa:

Asim Jofa ranks among the leading designer, The brand signifies impeccable craftsmanship presented in a captivating way. The brand has worked its way up building definite benchmarks of quality with balanced aesthetics focusing on providing luxury at its best over the past decade & continues to do so.

It taps into various aspects of designs all year round in the form of its exclusive lawn & numerous festive collections involving a big team of skilled workers & top of the line names of the fashion & textile industry. Asim Jofa boasts a strong clientele for its western, pret & couture pieces which are coveted among its connoisseurs.

The brand has a big digital footprint catering to customers all over the world hinting at its immense appeal & following among the masses globally.


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