‘Our audience isn’t used to openness’ Tabish Hashmi


Popular web talk show host Tabish Hashmi thinks that Pakistanis aren’t used to open-minded content that’s why things from his show get scandalized.

Tabish appeared in Time Out With Ahsan Khan where he was asked about a critical view of his viral show.

“Guests on my shows are open to ask questions and give their opinions,” he shared. “I think our audience here isn’t used to such openness, that’s why things out of my show get scandalized. Otherwise, the things that are being said by guests are probably common knowledge already,” he added.

Tabish once again talked about his journey that didn’t have any plans coming into the limelight. “My story doesn’t really have a lot of struggle in it. I was working in a very senior position here when I left Pakistan [for Canada],” he disclosed.

“I never really planned to reach out to anyone. I knew the director Azfar Ali since 2008, and he wanted to make a telefilm called Baarish ki Deewar which was big back in the day. It was based on debaters, so he asked around for names of debaters that were in the market at the time. My name came up and I ended up writing it with him. He watched a few of my standups and said that he wanted to make a show with me, but at the time I was working a good job and had no interest in being famous. I told him I’d do it and ended up ghosting him and going for chai with my friends,” he shared.

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