‘Auj’ teases it’s much-awaited New Single ‘Nawazish’


The winner of Pepsi Battle of the Bands ‘Auj’ is ready to come up with their new single ‘Nawazish’, the teaser of which has already been released starring Anoushay Abbasi.

After their epic win in the fourth season of the musical show, Auj have maintained their place well in these past two years.

Featuring Abdur Rehman Sajid (Vocals), Nasir Zaka (Guitars, Backing Vocals), Syed Hasnain Ali (Bass Guitar), and Muhammad Kashif (Drums), ‘Auj the Band’ is once again back in the spotlight with their little teaser.

The new single might be one of the songs for their much-awaited forthcoming album, and fans are visibly excited by the thought, eagerly waiting for new music from the band.

While there hasn’t been anything revealed about when the single would be released, we hope it is soon – because we need new music! Watch this space for any new updates regarding the single release, till then, we will keep our eyes and ears on the band’s social pages for any new reveals.

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