‘Can’t believe the success of Groove Mera’ Naseebo Lal


Naseebo Lal couldn’t believe the success of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) season 6’s official anthem ‘Groove Mera‘.

Speaking to reporters in her hometown, the veteran singer shared the moment when he got a call from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to sing PSL’s anthem.

“When I got a call from PCB to sing PSL anthem, I couldn’t believe, to be honest. And they also said, ‘Only you can sing in this pitch’, this made me more nervous,” she said.

“But, God helped me and I did it. Luckily, it got hit and this success is only because of Allah,” she added,

Lal also expressed her excitement for the sixth edition of the only cricketing league of Pakistan. “I am excited about this event and I pray, it goes successfully, inshallah,” she concluded.

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