Without a doubt, the Avengers craze is still going strong, and our local celebrities are enjoying it just as much. We got a chance to ask them which characters they (and their costars) will play, and you will love their responses as they are all pretty apt.

According to Hira Mani, who is still basking the success of Do Bol, aptly placed her costars and crew in these roles. “I think Wajahat Hussain (the director) will play Thanos,” she laughed. “Affan Waheed will play Thor, and Haroon Shahid will be Doctor Strange,” she added.

As for herself, she would love to play Gamora, and labelled Thor as her favourite character.

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We also asked Osman Khalid Butt who his favourite Avenger is. “I think that’s a very difficult question to answer, especially after Infinity War. I think Iron Man perhaps, because he was the one who started this illustrious chapter of the Marvel universe,” he said.

When asked what character he would love to play, and what characters he would assign to his Baaji costar Meera jee, his answers were pretty interesting.

“I would love to play Loki. And Meera jee would be Hela, the Goddess of Death [from Thor Ragnarok],” he said.


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