‘A chubby girl & her loving husband’ break stereotypes


In our society, usually marrying a ‘moti’ larki, a fat girl’ is considered a sign of disgrace, and often such girls are humiliated and body shamed. However, a Pakistani couple breaks this typical mindset and got married to prove their love despite all odds.

Tuba Faraz, hailed from Karachi, shared her story of getting married to the love of her life ‘Faraz’ who didn’t care about her looks.

She took to social media to narrate her love story which successfully turned into marriage. She thinks that her husband sets an example for those people who are stuck in physical appearance complexities.

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“I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I don’t find myself beautiful, I think I’m very fat. And our society does not accept fat girls, especially in the context of marriage for their sons. But I feel that if you’re good, you will get good,” Tuba wrote on social media site.

Tuba praised her better half for supporting her throughout and standing behind her against all odds. “He fought very hard for us, especially when it came to convincing his family for our marriage. In our society, parents do not want fat girls for their sons. But he convinced them, that’s how much he loved me,” she said.

This love-duo surely gives inspiration to all the people out there and this marriage is a ray of hope for fat girls like Tuba.


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