‘Commercial cinema is getting dumber’ Usman Mukhtar


Anaa famed actor Usman Mukhtar called commercial cinema ‘dumb’ and said it doesn’t appeal to him so much.

In an interview with a Youtube channel, Usman said commercial cinema has lost logic and it getting dumber day by day.

“Commercial things don’t really appeal to me, because I feel commercial things are great up to a point, but nowadays, they are devoid of logic. There is no logic in commercial cinema. It is getting dumber by the day,” he shared his two cents on commercial cinema.

While giving advice to the Pakistani media industry, Usman said a lot of work is needed to be done. “I feel like we need more talent. We need better writers. A lot of work needs to be done on sound. Scriptwriters are something we definitely need. We need to step away from the storylines about women trapped in domestic settings in our dramas,” he concluded.

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