Mehwish Hayat may be keeping a low profile after her performance in Ms. Marvel and London Nahi Jaunga , but she continues to rule many hearts, especially those of her costars. At the recent LUX Style Awards ceremony, Fahad Mustafa was all praises for his Load Wedding costar.

“She’s a global icon. There’s no one better than her, the rest are just big names. If there’s anyone who puts her heart and soul into a project and works hard, it’s Mehwish,” he said.

He also pointed out how it’s not just him who feels that, but directors also fully recognize and believe in Hayat’s talent and creative abilities. He further went on to reiterate the common factor in the success of his and Humayun Saeed’s films, which he believes to be Hayat. “Look at Actor in Law and London Nahi Jaunga being so successful. Why? Because there’s Mehwish in both of them. Whether it’s my films or Humayun’s, Mehwish is the common factor,” he shared.

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The word soon reach Hayat through Instagram, and she reshared the clip while thanking everybody. “Thank you, Fahad Mustafa, for your kind words. I’m blessed to have wonderful co-stars like yourself and directors, Nadeem Baig and Nabeel Qureshi, who bring out the best in me, and for fans who make it all worthwhile,” she wrote.


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