In a recent appearance in the morning show Good Morning Britain, pro boxer Amir Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom took a stand for stay-at-home mothers everywhere and was of the view that they should be receiving a viable salary.

Deeming stay-at-home mothers as the ‘CEO of the house’, Makhdoom shed light on all the unpaid labour they do and accumulated their monetary value to be more than that of a surgeon or a lawyer.

“We’re not just looking after our children but the entire house. A CEO of the house that’s not getting paid. It’s laundry, cooking, cleaning, looking after your children, and I think when you put it all together, we should get paid more than a surgeon or a lawyer, it adds up to £100k a year, more than that,” she said.

Although Makhdoom admitted that she herself is not a conventional stay-at-home mother and still has a lot of household helpers to aid with daily matters, she mentioned women who can’t afford all the luxuries of hiring maids or helpers to help with daily chores.

“What about some of my friends who can’t afford it? They have to leave work to look after their children because childcare is more expensive and their husband’s don’t have that extra money to give their wives. I feel like we’re helping the economy by staying home and doing all the work we would be getting from the government,” she added.

To counteract her point, fellow guest judge and former Sugababes band member Amelle Berrabah elucidated how raising children shouldn’t be viewed as a job, when conceiving them is a choice.

However, Makhdoom’s take was met with mixed reviews. Many people criticised her views, making it seem contradictory with her lifestyle, and stood with the fact that household chores are not a job.

While on the other hand, a few agreed with her point of view, and stressed upon how much stay-at-home mothers have to sacrifice for their kids.

Meanwhile, check out the entire broadcast and let us know what you think!



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