Maya Ali, who is currently bustling with the promotions of Parey Hut Love, recently sat down with BBC Asian Network for a heart to heart. It didn’t come off as a surprise when the actress disclosed how her family always disapproved of her joining the entertainment industry, as she has been pretty vocal about it in the past.

However, the actress spoke about it in depth this time, especially about her father dealt with her career choice and the aftermath of it. “When I joined the entertainment industry, my father stopped talking to me for eight long years. I wish he would have not stopped talking to me. If nothing else, I at least wanted him to get mad at me or anything like that, you know?” she said.

“I remember I would say ‘Baba, Assalam-o-alaikum and he would never even reply back,” she added.

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Moving on, her father finally accepted her choices along the way, and even encouraged her at some point. “When I could not win an award for Diyar-e-Dil, he said, ‘It is OK, Beta, next year, you will win it for Mann Mayal and I didI won the award next year but, he was not there to celebrate it with me,” she lamented.

On an ending note, the actress left a motivational message for parents whose offspring wishes to join the entertainment industry, while also adding how her mother has always been on the supportive side.

“Time has changed now, the mindset has changed, please think accordingly. Give [your children] a chance to do what they want to do. Do not let your child regret the only chance they had. I beg you to let your children do what they want, please. Because time waits for no one and that is when there is regret in life, especially for children,” she said.

“My mum has always been supportive of me but, Baba just wanted me to prove myself to him. I just wanted to show him myself playing roles through the screen but, the fact that he said you will win the award next year, that was enough for me,” she added.


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