Famed Indian playback singer recently recalled a rather amusing story related to legendary Pakistani singer, Mehdi Hassan Khan. In a talk show where Hariharan was one of the guests, the singer was asked about musicians he listens to the most, and he named Hassan Sahab amongst others.

Moving on, the host urged him to share an interesting story he heard about an encounter that took place between the two legends. Hariharan shared how back in 1975, Hassan was visiting India, and he was in his second year of studying Law. When Hariharan found out about Hassan’s visit, he planned on meeting him under pretenses.

“I just had to meet him. I had a file with me and everything, and [created a whole look]. And I went there and said I’ve come from Indian Express, and have an interview with Khan Sahab. I’m a journalist, and a musician also”, he shared, going on to add how he was told to wait while they went on to inform Hassan Sahab who was shaving at the time.

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“After a little while, Khan Sahab showed up and I stood up and he said ‘So, who are you?’ and I immediately got down to his feet and replied ‘Sir, I’m a nobody. My name is Hariharan, and I’m a devoted fan of yours, and I’m a student of Ghulam Mustafa Khan Sahab,” he added, laughing and recalling how Khan Sahab was impressed by Ghulam Mustafa’s mention and asked him to sit down.

“He said to me, ‘Really? Sit, sit, sit, How is Khan Sahab doing? Would you like a cup of tea? Then I had a conversation with him alone for about 20-25 minutes. That was my first [meeting],” he added.

This sweet recollection was loved by the audience, affirming how humble of a person Hassan Sahab was. This was truly one crossover we didn’t know we needed. Hariharan also shared a clip of this interview on his social media, watch it below.


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