A treat for Ali Rehman Khan and Hareem Farooq fans is on the way, as the teaser of their upcoming film Heer Maan Ja is everything one would want in a fun-filled entertainer. By the looks of it, it has enough masala to give other films of the same genre a run for their money. 

Directed by Azfar Jafri, the teaser does not give the entire plot away, but the glimpses promise some romance, dramatic dialogues, car-chasing action, and catchy music. All of that, when mixed with comedy, is something we all need at the end of a tough day. After all, what more could one want from a local entertaining film?  

However, what makes this teaser stand out from the rest is the hoard of cameos. Up until now, the film’s promotion successfully managed to keep only the leads in the spotlight, but you’d be pleased to know that the film has appearances from some of your favourite celebrities. Ali Kazmi, Aamina Sheikh, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Saleem Mairaj, Zara Sheikh, and a bunch of others have minor roles in the film, which all adds to the appeal of it.  

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Produced by Imran Raza Kazmi and Lakhani Films, the film seems like an interesting watch this Eid ul Azha. And evidently, the creators of Heer Maan Ja are fully aware that people wholeheartedly enjoy masala entertainers, and that is exactly what the teaser delivers.  


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