All the movies scheduled for Eid have been releasing songs left, right, and centre. Following suit, Heer Maan Ja just released its title track and once again, they want you to bust a move along with the cast.

Looks like Sahara UK has become a go-to musician for Heer Maan Ja creators, as Addi Maar from the film also featured the singer and so did Billo Hai from Parchi. All those who enjoy a song dominated by upbeat bhangra beat that becomes a mehndi staple will absolutely love this track. The rest can maybe make do with the choreography or just seeing Hareem Farooq looking edgy as hell.

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Osman Khalid Butt has done it once again with his choreography, and by it, we mean he created something highly energetic with challenging moves. Moreover, the glitzy costumes of the cast completely go with club-themed vibes of the song. Be it Ali Rehman Khan’s slicked-back hair and blingy jacket, or Farooq’s dreamy all-white attire, we’re totally feeling it.

All in all, this song checks off all the right notes in a fun, lighthearted flick that we’re all craving. Can’t wait to tune in when it hits the screens this Eid-ul-Azha.


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