Pakistani fashion designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, better known as HSY, was officially appointed as the first-ever Goodwill ambassador for Network Of Organizations Working For People With Disabilities, Pakistan (NOWPDP).

As NOWPDP’s Goodwill Ambassador, HSY will represent and support some of the NGO’s major projects including, the 100 Days 100 Lives Campaign, the Upcycle Campaign, vocational training, and their Center of Excellence in Sujawal, which works for the economic inclusion of people with disabilities, women empowerment, and environmental conservation. Moreover, HSY will also largely contribute through an Annual Ball that will be held to promote NOWPDP’s work and mandate while creating synergies with an array of organizations as well as people to expand and transform more lives of persons with disabilities.

“We are ecstatic to have HSY join hands with us to promote the NOWPDP mandate and work. He has always made efforts to facilitate our trainees with disabilities for a very long time, be it in their economic empowerment or in honing their skills, and he will prove to be a very important supporter of inclusion. I wish him the best of luck and look forward to the creative and dynamic synergy between HSY and NOWPDP” stated Ronak Lakhani, Vice-President of NOWPDP.

HSY has previously collaborated with NOWPDP on several occasions, aiming to inspire and empower differently-abled people. The fashion icon has a lot of rich history working alongside the organization, further supporting their cause. He has stood steadfast in promoting the NOWPDP mandate of disability inclusion and has visited the NOWPDP House on several occasions to give motivational sessions, review their students’ textile-oriented work and mentor them to a large extent.

NOWPDP is a non-profit organization that operates in the development sector with a focus on inclusion through the empowerment of persons with disabilities. Their mission is to value and uphold the rights of people with disabilities through sustainable endeavors, which involves improving their overall welfare and quality of life. NOWPDP’s mandate is to economically empower persons with disabilities and facilitate their inclusion in society. The following facets of NOWPDP’s work support their main mandate for inclusion and economic empowerment: Falah (Welfare), Shanakht (Identity), Ta’aleem (Education), Hunar (Skill Development Trainings), Rozgar (Job Placements), Khud Mukhtari (Self- Employment) and Rehnumai (On-sit and Off-site Guidance).

NOWPDP’s future plans are to move forward and persevere with HSY as their ambassador while working on the existing projects and to transform 100,000 lives of persons with disabilities in the next 10 years.

HSY has been a notable figure from Pakistan’s fashion and entertainment industry who continues to put his best foot forward for the greater good. His other projects in the pipeline include the upcoming mega drama serial ‘Pehli Si Mohabbat’. More information on its release will be disclosed at a later date.


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