‘Instagram battles hurt my mental health’ Hania Amir


Hania Amir said she had to compromise on her mental health while getting into Instagram battles and gossips out of nowhere.

In her recent question/answer session on Instagram, Hania responded to a fan explaining why she left using social media often.

“I’ve picked enough battles here. Voicing your opinions comes at a price and the price is your mental health,” she wrote.

“The gossip, the mean comments and the ‘putting each other down’ on the internet had started getting to me. And honestly, I lost faith in humanity so I need a break. I don’t feel like putting my life out there anymore,

“To be honest, I’m at peace. I like that people know less and say less. Maybe one day Instagram and I can rekindle the friendship we once had but for now, I’m good,” she concluded.

It must be noted here that Hania got into a controversy after her Instagram stories with director/Producer Wajahat Rauf’s sons went viral. A lot of people criticized the actress for those stories.

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