‘Invest in local arts, tales, stories’ reiterates Mansha Pasha


Mansha Pasha thinks that the local industry should invest in its own arts, tales, and stories to let people know about local arts and culture.

Pasha answered people on twitter who asked her views on Drilis:Ertugrul while pointing out her new drama serial ‘Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida’ which they called copy of Bollywood film ‘Juddai’.

“The barrage of messages I got with regd to my new drama and a ref to another film and most of them were abt Ertugrul and my opinion regd that. The fact that our frame of reference is another foreign film and we don’t even know our own folklore which has this story goes back to,” she wrote.

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The actress shared a screenshot in her another Tweet which read a brief description of Lilan Chanesar, a traditional story that dates back to the time of Jam Chanesar, one of the Soomra rulers in the 14th century in Thatta, Sindh.

“What I was saying initially. Invest in local arts, tales, stories. So that we can all learn the stories, the folklore and rich history of our arts and culture,” she captioned the screenshot.

Pasha is not the first actress who spoke about giving value to the local content as earlier Shan Shahid, Yasir Hussain and Reema Khan urged authorities to lift local history, culture and tradition instead of buying foreign content.

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