It’s 2019 and the buzz around fairness creams still hasn’t died. With multiple celebrities endorsing various whitening cream brands, it doesn’t look like the hype is dying anytime soon. Unless, actresses blatantly refuse to endorse such brands, as Iqra Aziz has reportedly done so recently.

Aziz’s fiance and actor Yasir Hussain took to Instagram to praise the actress over turning down an advertisement for a whitening cream. The actor also mentioned how she was being offered a hefty amount of money in exchange and nevertheless, she decided not to associate herself with the brand.

“I love you even more for what you did yesterday,” he started off in the post. “It is crucial for me to mention here that it is indeed a bold step that Iqra has taken. Yesterday, she rejected an offer to work in an advertisement for a whitening cream. They were even offering her a hefty amount as well for spreading complex amongst the masses,” his caption translated.

“Be happy with the way God has created you,” he added, ending his caption with a translated Quranic verse. Check out his post.

Aziz herself responded to the post with thanks and declared her stance on all that’s wrong.

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Soon after, multiple celebrities like Saba Qamar Zaman, Saheefa Jabbar Khattak, and Ali Kazmi praised the actress in the comments.

A whole bunch of fans also commended Aziz’s decision.


Let’s hope actions like these end the run of whitening creams once and for all.


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