We are all accustomed to how outspoken Shaan Shahid is about everything that’s up socially, politically, and entertainment-wise. On many occasions, he has also voiced his dismay about local actors working in Bollywood.

But recently, another veteran actor Javed Sheikh – who has worked in Lollywood and Bollywood both – talked about how that policy of Shaan was somewhat hypocritical.

In a talk show with Waseem Badami, Sheikh revealed how Shaan himself expressed his desire to work in India, while on a visit to the neighbouring country. He believed Shaan’s opinions held double standards considering how vocal he is about not being fond of actors giving up on patriotism to take up on minor roles in Bollywood.

Once this news made rounds on social media portals, Shaan reacted to Sheikh’s claims in a response tweet to Galaxy Lollywood, deeming it absolutely absurd.

Moreover, Shaan instantly proceeded to talk to Sheikh about it. And interestingly, the veteran actor took his words back immediately.

Watching the tables turn right away, many fans demanded for Sheikh to come back on the same show, and publicly clear up his stance about the other esteemed actor.

However, talking to Galaxy Lollywood, it looks like the veteran actor just wants to put things behind. “We are colleagues, he is my junior and we have worked together a lot. I don’t really want there to be a controversy,” said Sheikh.

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He further added how there should be mutual respect between Shaan and the actors who have broadened their horizons and chosen to work in India, instead of pure criticism. Nevertheless, it is wholesome how both the actors decided to solve the dilemma head-on, instead of letting it brew into a major controversy.


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