Kashmir is back with another track titled Pari, serving their fans with a memorable melody carrying a significant message. Dealing with issues surrounding depression, the song aims to eradicate all the negative stigmatization faced by many, and happens to do so in a marvellous manner.

In fact, the song was shared with an earnest note in the caption, which explains the underlying theme and the lyricist’s thought process.

“Pari is a song written by Bilal in hope of helping someone extremely dear to him during a very difficult stage in their life. It was an outlet and a glimmer of hope for them, and it worked. The song is undeniably important to each member of the band, and during the composition of it, we poured our emotions into it, understanding the weight of the lyrics,” the band wrote.

“We all know someone who has gone through or is going through similar stages in their lives, or we have been in a situation similar ourselves, and we know how hard it is to talk about it. We dedicate Pari to everyone, especially those in need, especially those who feel like they’re alone. You aren’t. Stay strong,” they added.

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The video totally endorses the subject matter of the song, with its monochromatic tone. Listening to the lead singer Bilal Ali crooning the vocals, the despaired young girl featured in it finds herself gradually uplifting with the words. The overall soft pitch is ideal for any listener who’s craving some deep, meaningful music at the moment.

Directed by Ashar Khalid, the video puts Kashmir on a higher pedestal, once again proving that the band is here to stay for good.


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