One would think Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar would have better things to do with his time, considering he is one of the most sought-for writers in the country (dare I add, unfortunately?) but we’re not so lucky. Day and again, we see this man spewing hate against women and seething over things that don’t even concern him on live television.

Having said that, we didn’t have to wait long enough for Qamar to unleash his hateful thoughts and verbal diarrhoea for women again, this time making feminist activist Marvi Sirmad the target. In a viral video, the writer was found hurling obscenities and body-shaming Sirmad on live television for just hearing the popular Aurat March slogan ‘Mera Jism, Meri Marzi’ from her end.

Now normally, one might even find these circumstances amusing with the way Qamar showed his true colours and basically forgot what decency is supposed to mean and his vile subconscious was out in the open for everyone to see. But seeing as how grave these issues are, one can only wonder how this man who couldn’t stay within his limits on a live telecast would behave with women around him, especially his family. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say we feel sorry for them.

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It is impertinent to add here that contrary to popular belief, the slogan in question is not at all affiliated with vulgarity. It is asking for a woman’s right to body autonomy, for men to treat a woman and her body as an object, and to make some noise against rape and marital rape. Now if something as crucial as these issues can offend a man, you can put two and two together and figure out why.

This just shows that the fight for equal rights has a long way to go. Women deal with such abuse, hate, and misogynistic mindsets on a daily basis, and this should just further provoke all women to stand together and rise for what’s rightfully theirs. And what’s better than doing this by coming together for Aurat March? Sorry not sorry, but hurling some obscenities does not make us back off nor give you the right to our bodies.

And needless to say, now that the video’s viral, it is crucial for our celebrities to show where they stand: with a regressive and misogynist mindset that promotes so much hate against women or towards a progressive industry that respects its womenfolk. And on a final note, here’s hoping we get to see a day where we see men as such go back to being irrelevant. All in favour, chant Mera Jism Meri Mazri!


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