‘I am also laughing at my viral clip’ Nida Yasir


Nida Yasir reacted to her viral video in which she can be listened asking ill-informed questions about F1 Sports cars to two Engineer guests.

While talking to Independent Urdu about the viral clip, Nida said it was a clip from six-seven years old episode of her morning show and she doesn’t know how it went viral.

“I am not on Twitter so I wasn’t aware of this clip that got viral. I received this on some other platform and to be honest, I was also laughing at it,” she shared. “It is a clip from our very old show so I don’t remember exactly what was the scenario then. But, I apologize for it and assure my fans to come up with all the research about the topic every time,” she added.

Meanwhile, Nida also lamented that her shows containing informative topics don’t get viral the way this show got. “One thing I would like to mention here, there are so many of my shows with good topics and valuable knowledge, they don’t get viral but things like this get viral from nowhere,” she concluded.

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