Mansha Pasha faces criticism for backing Yasir Hussain


Mansha Pasha had to answer a lot of questions on Twitter after she backed Yasir Hussain’s stance on ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’, a Turkish drama serial based on Islamic history.

People didn’t like Pasha supporting Hussain’s point of view against airing the Turkish drama in Pakistan even after the actress pointed out the reason behind it.

“Those lambasting Yasir Hussain and calling the work in Pakistan “sub-par” seem to have forgotten what it takes to make content here. Even without any subsidy from the govt, even if u manage to gather ur own funds, ur projects can still bet banned or pulled off after clearance,” she clarified.

Pasha also gave an example of Sarmad Khoosat’s film “Zindagi Tamasha” which got banned by the government despite a lot of investment.

Later on, Pasha had to back his statement in a series of Tweets when people started criticizing her opinion.

Earlier, Hussain expressed her opinion against airing ‘Ertugrul Ghazi in the country. He said: “PTV ko chaye hai kay woh eik tareekhi drama banaye aur apnay artists aur technicians ko use karey. Woh artist jo tax detey hein aur qabliat rakhtey hein. ( PTV should develop a historic TV show and use local artists and technicians. Those artists that give tax and have talent).”

“Landy kay kaprey aur Turkey kay dramay don’t hi local industry tabah kar dengy. ( Both second hand clothes and Turkish dramas will both destroy the local industry),” he added.

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