Having celebrities perform at weddings and other similar shindigs is picking up the pace, with every other person trying to one-up the other. Similarly, Indian singer Mika Singh recently performed at a mehndi ceremony in Karachi, ensuring a night full of fun and excitement for all the guests.

The singer’s connection with Pakistan goes way back, when he provided vocals for a song in Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, and then one in Parchi.

It is amazing how at a time when our artists are banned from performing in the neighbouring country, we are fully supporting their artists and welcoming them with cordiality. This just goes on to prove that we, as a nation, have always endorsed the idea of cultural exchange – despite there being tensions on the border.

Having said that, we should be lauded for always extending a white flag in straining times, and still getting Indian artists to perform just goes on to strengthen the belief. About time Indian people follow suit, and encourage cultural exchange as art knows no boundaries and should be shared all around as much as it can be.

Featured Image Courtesy: Sumair Khalil Films and Photography


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