Trailer Review: Murder-mystery ‘Chakkar’ looks prefect popcorn entertainer


‘Chakkar’ featuring Ahsan Khan and Neelam Muneer teased audience with powerful trailer filled with drama, suspense romance and action.

As seen in the trailer, Neelam will be playing double role in the much-awaited film. Neelam’s first character named Mehreen is the wife of Kabir (Ahsan) while she has an identical twin named Zara who is a superstar.

Kabir and Mehreen often have dispute over Zara’s work but the story keeps on going until the superstar asks Mehreen to switch the places for few days. But, there comes a climax, someone kills Mehreen who switched to Zara for few days.

This murder leads to the entry of Yasir Nawaz (Inspector Shahzad) who is also the producer and director of the film. Inspector Shahzad investigates the murder and finds Kabir as the prime suspects of the murder.

Now, it would be interesting to watch whether Kabir was behind his own wife’s murder or not? Will he be able to find out that it was Mehreen and not Zara who was murdered? A lot of such questions popped up in audience’s mind after the trailer and all of them will be answered once the picture gets released on this Eid-ul-Fitr.

Remember, Chakkar will be among five big Pakistani films which will be released on Eid this year including Dam Mastam and Ghabrana Nahi Hai.

The film also features prominent actors such as Javed Sheikh, Ahmed Hasan, Mehmood Aslam and Naveed Raza. Cricketer-turned-actor Shoaib Malik has also made a cameo in this project.

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