‘No complaints’ Hina Dilpazeer opens up about marriage life


Hina Dilpazeer doesn’t have any complaints from life despite her love marriage ended in divorce after having a child.

Speaking to Iffat Omar on her YouTube channel, the BulBulay actor said everything happens for the ultimate good and so her divorce.

“Everything has happened for the ultimate good. There are no complaints. I don’t recall any such time and it isn’t because of bitterness. It’s just the way it is.” she said while having a smile on her face.

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Hina opened up about her ex-husband who attracted her with his looks. However, the actor changed her perception by the time that looks are not everything.

“Yes, it was my own choice. He was a good looking man by even today’s standards. At that age you tend to value a person’s looks over everything else,” she said.

“He was a good-hearted man. I am pretty sure he is still a good-hearted man. I just feel that at the time he wasn’t strong enough to fully recognise and understand himself. I hope that by now he has completed his self-discovery journey,” she added.

Moreover, Hina disclosed that her son was just 4 when she got divorced and she never thought of coming into acting.

“Acting wasn’t preplanned. After being divorced and having a 4-year-old kid to look after, it was too hard to manage things but there was no other option. Allah helped me and I got chance into acting and today, here I am,” she concluded.


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