‘I am not allowed to play Ali Zafar anthems at Stadium, Ahmed Godil


The stand-in host of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) season five opening ceremony Ahmed Godil revealed that playing Ali Zafar’s song during PSL was strictly not allowed.

“See, what happened with Ali Zafar?” he questioned. “He isn’t proven guilty yet I am not allowed to play any of his songs he sang for PSL,” Godil told behtareen.pk in an exclusive interview.

Meanwhile, Godil narrated his story of reaching a stage where people started recognizing him. He shared a journey of how a single concert in the USA changed his life completely. “I used to host mall activities in Atrium earlier in 2015. I still remember those 10-hours long sessions, a memorable and tough period of my life. However, I then got a chance to host a show in America that featured renowned singers Atif Aslam and Ali Zafar. I think that show somewhere changed my life and people started recognizing me,” Godil said upon being asked about his unsung journey.

He also revealed a memorable moment he shared with Atif at a concert at a private university in Karachi, one of the highlights of his hosting career. “I have hosted around 17 concerts of Atif so far. He was impressed by an introduction I gave about him on my first show with him at Iqra University. He called me backstage and applauded me for that,” he said.

Talking about a recent controversy about him hosting the PSL V opening ceremony, Godil called it an unplanned moment. “Fakhar-e-Alam was lined up to host the ceremony. Following some delay in the start, I was just being asked to pump up the audience before the actual show begins,” he said. “I went on the stage and started chanting slogans of Pakistan, Pak Army, and all the franchises. What was wrong in it and to be honest, I didn’t know it was going live on Tv screens across the world,” the host clarified the buzz.

He shared with immense pain that people abused him, mocked him and even dragged his family into this matter. “I don’t know why people got so harsh on me. They abused me and my family. I respect their views but this wasn’t the way to express their opinion,” he concluded.


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