Osman Butt wishes to do a character of ‘Serial Killer’ once in his lifetime


Osman Khalid Butt said he has done a lot of characters so far in his career but a horror character is still missing in his profile.

Speaking to Something Haute following the immense success of his ongoing drama serial ‘Chupke ChupkeButt said he has been lucky to get such a different role which worked really well for him.

“I really liked Faaz Ibrahim’s character in Chupke Chupke. Faaz is a cranky, cantankerous and somewhat a Jal Kukri character. I found it interesting that Faaz was a flawed character since the beginning; he has certain anti-hero quirks,” he said.

“This was yet another character added to my profile but there is still something missing and that is a serial killer character. I have done comedy, hard-core comedy, light-hearted comedy, intense character but I missed doing a horror character during this time,” he highlighted.

Butt shared that he has written a lot of dark scripts, some of them got published, rest didn’t but he will come up with a horror character soon. “Performing arts have taught me a lot and I have tried acting in almost every genre. I always wanted to do a horror character and I am looking forward to doing it in near future,” he shared.

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