Pakistani journalist shares her battle against body-shaming


Buraq Shabbir, a reputable journalist in Pakistan, shared the heart-wrenching story of dealing with body-shaming to becoming a distinguished journalist in a heart to heart conversation with Sadia Jabbar in ‘Beautiful Confessions’.

‘Beautiful Confessions’ is a talk show which brings on board women from our society who have struggled to transform into wonder women by their efforts and hard work.

The journalist talked about how she has been body-shamed due to her weight since childhood. Be it her school friends, her cousins, or her relatives; everyone made sure to body shame her and make her feel inferior. She revealed how she lost confidence in herself due to demeaning comments from the society on her body, which adversely affected her mental state as well, and it took her years to get out of this trauma and to be able to face the world finally.

Moreover, Buraq also talked about her family background, revealing that she belongs to a conservative Memon family where educating children is never a priority, not just for girls but also for boys. Belonging to such a background, Buraq strived to secure admission in a university and is the first female in her degree who has achieved her Masters Degree.

Discussing the toxic body-shaming culture in Pakistan, Buraq revealed with a heavy heart how still she faces rejection when it comes to marriage proposals not just from strangers but also from people who know her well and are well aware of her capabilities and her achievements. Yet, they tell her that she is a good human, a good journalist and the right person in general, but it would have been great if she lost some weight. The resilient journalist gave all credit to what she is today to her immediate supportive family: her father, her mother, and brother.

She said that it is her family’s support that helped her cope with the internal battles that she has been fighting against body shaming. Beautiful Confessions with Asma Nabeel explores stories of real women from different fields to inspire, encourage, and motivate other girls and women that the barriers we have been brought up with are all breakable.

It must be noted here that Sadia, a pioneer of Sadia Jabbar Productions, has brought ‘Beautiful Confessions’, a web series, along with acclaimed screenwriter and cancer-survivor Asma Nabeel to bring to light the untold stories of unsung heroes and promote women empowerment.


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