‘Pasoori’s success made me realise importance of music career’ Shae Gill


Coke Studio (CS) 14 famed Shae Gill credited her song Pasoori, alongside Ali Sethi, for making her realize the importance of music as a career.

In a conversation with BBC Urdu after her CS debut success, Gill shared how Pasoori completely changed her perception about music.

“I started singing from my hostel and made videos for social media. But, never thought music as a full-time job. Seriously, I wasn’t serious about music until CS 14 offer came in and Pasoori got success,” the budding singer reminisced.

“Obviously, when your singing is recognized at biggest level, you have to think about it. Gradually, I’ve taken it seriously and I’ve had so much fun doing it,” she added.

The singer then talked about the expectations built up from her after Pasoori success and how it is making her nervous.

“Of course I’m happy, but I’m also a little scared because people’s expectations are so high. My first song was released via Coke Studio, so now I’m just wondering where to go from here. But, one thing is confirmed, now I want to pursue music as a career and work hard on it,” she reiterated.

It must be noted here that Pasoori was the fastest song of this year’s CS to hit 1M views on YouTube.

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