‘Payment system in our industry has become worst’ Naumaan Ijaz


Veteran actor Nauman Ijaz bashed tv channels and production houses for untimely payments to the artists.

Speaking to Rafay Rashdi in his web show Behind The Curtain, Nauman shared that his payment of around 8 crores is stuck in renowned tv channels.

“Believe me, there is no actor in Pakistan whose payment is not stuck somewhere. We all are in the same line and to be honest, the payment system in our industry has become worst,” he pointed out.

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“Even, I have payments around 4.5-5 Crores due on one channel and 2-2.5 crores on another, both are Pakistan’s renowned tv channels. Every time you go to them, they pay you 5-10 lacs like a dog’s bone,” he bashed.

The actor said artists were blackmailed by production houses to work without proper SoPs amid the COVID-19 pandemic. “I have seen it from my eyes, artists were blackmailed to work without proper SoPs. Who is responsible if someone gets infected? Who will pay for their hospital expenses?” he asked.

Dar Si Jati hai actor said there is no law in Pakistan to protect the rights of artists and deal with this mafia. “Who will do accountability of people who don’t pay artists for their work. The system has become worst, no one is there to listen to the artists. No law is there to protect our rights. Trust me we are fools and working like fools,” he concluded.

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