The federal government has issued a notification of the new constitution of the Pakistan Cricket Board, confirming the Cabinet division’s approval of the constitution which came into force on 19th August 2019. Interestingly, the Prime Minister no longer has the authority to remove the chairman.

The salient features of the new PCB Constitution are:

• As per Clause 49 (1), the existing BoG shall continue for a period until, at least, four members of the BoG are notified from amongst a pool of seven members (three Cricket Associations and four independent members).

• The composition of the Board of Governors will eventually be as follows:

a) Three members being Presidents of the Cricket Associations (on rotation basis as per applicable regulations to be shared in due course)

b) Two members nominated by the Patron

c) Four independent members, including at least one female member

d) Chief Executive of the PCB

e) Federal Secretary of the Ministry of IPC as ex-officio (non-voting) member

• 16 regional cricket associations will be replaced by six cricket associations, namely:

o Balochistan Cricket Association
o Central Punjab Cricket Association
o Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Cricket Association
o Northern Cricket Association
o Sindh Cricket Association
o Southern Punjab Cricket Association

• District Cricket Associations will be replaced by City Cricket Associations

• Both Cricket Associations and City Cricket Associations shall be governed in accordance with their respective model constitutions, which will be approved by the BoG. Cricket Associations will be sharing more responsibility and providing a forum for City Cricket Associations to pursue better and effective regulations and governance of cricket within their respective jurisdiction.

• The General Body will comprise eleven members, including:

a) PCB Chairman

b) President of each Cricket Association

c) President of the Blind Cricket Council

d) President of Deaf and Dumb Cricket Association

e) Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer are the ex-officio members

• The office of the Chairman and the Chief Executive have been split. The Managing Director has now been redesignated as the Chief Executive.

• To strengthen governance structures, Clause 12 (c) has been added, which requires the Board to implement best corporate governance practices that promote ethical culture in the Board, while Nominations, HR & Remuneration, and Risk Management Committees have been introduced through Clause 12 (h).

• The transitional arrangements from old to new constitution are described under Clause 49.


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