‘People have forgotten rape cases’ Mahira Khan


Mahira Khan believes that it is the right time to start talking about sexual and physical abuse to aware people of this extreme crime.

Speaking to Express Tribune, Khan stressed the need to change the mindset of people by highlighting social issues like sexual and physical abuse in dramas and films.

“Something happens, there is a lot of noise about it. Everybody gets on the streets, everybody talks about it on the media, and then what? And then it dies out. Another news comes out, another story comes out or another rape happens,” said Khan.

“I am a big part of the media of this country. I feel that our films, our television serials, we have to change the narrative,” she added.

Adding on, Khan opposed tv content where men assault women and in the end, they are called heroes. “We can’t just show a woman being assaulted (by a man) and then falling in love with him and show him to be the hero. A hero cannot be someone who is abusive,” she concluded.

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