‘You are playing God’ Miandad criticizes PM Khan


Javed Miandad bashed his former teammate and current Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan for bringing incompetent people at the helm of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Miandad said Khan thinks whatever he does is always right and in the same way destroyed Pakistan’s cricket.

“You are playing god,” he bashed former captain. “You are not always right. You have brought incompetent people in the PCB just to reward them for what they had done to you in the past,” he pointed out.

“By shutting down departmental cricket, you destroyed the future of so many cricketers. Plenty of cricketers lost their jobs and forced to do odd jobs, who is responsible for that?” he asked.

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Miandad said he knew closure of departmental cricket will destroy the future of the game in the country. “I had told Imran that decision to close departments will hurt Pakistan’s cricket and see exactly the same happened,” he highlighted.

It must be noted here that PCB revamped domestic cricket in 2019. Departments were removed in the new domestic structure and only six regions got representation. Departments dissolved their cricket teams and plenty of cricketers and officials lost their jobs.

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