‘I am playing a journalist in Shoaib’s upcoming film ABG’ Maya Ali


Maya Ali shared that she is playing the role of a journalist in Shoaib Mansoor’s upcoming film named ABG whose acronym is yet unknown.

Speaking to DW, the actress said her role in ABG is quite different from what she has done so far. “Shoaib Bhai asked me to focus just on my acting for this project. I am playing the role of a journalist in this film and I am telling this for the very first time,” she said.

“Shoaib Bhai has helped me a lot while preparing for this project. I saw several videos and my early days in this industry as an anchor helped me a lot. I put all those things together to give my best,” Maya said while adding that the film’s first phase of shooting has completed whereas the next phase is scheduled to be shot in the USA.

It must be noted here that Maya will star opposite Emmad Irfani in Shoaib’s upcoming big-screen project. Maya started her career as a roadshow host at Samaa Tv and later turned into an actor.

On the other hand, Maya talked about her comeback in dramas after five years. “Television is my life and I am back on it. I started my career on tv and it gave me an identity. I was waiting for a suitable script, I got the one in Pehli Si Mohabbat so I decided to do it,” she maintained.

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