Runner up team of the inaugural season of Pakistan Super League (PSL), Quetta Gladiators (QG) has recently picked up former Pakistan football team captain Kaleemullah Khan and mix martial artist champion Ahmed Mujtaba as their brand ambassadors. QG aims to promote sports, arts, music and talent in Pakistan at large scale. With the slogan of Shaan e Pakistan, QG will own them and will work to sustain their talent within the country and will also shore up internationally.

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Speaking at the occasion the owner of the Quetta Gladiators Mr. Nadeem Omar said, “We are Quetta Gladiators and we are Shaan e Pakistan. Our endeavour is to promote and support talent of the country. We wish to give them an appropriate platform so they can show off their skills and talent, so the country can proud of them. Kaleemullah and Ahmed Mujtaba have struggled hard to be the number one on their respective sport and we are humbled to have them on board, he further added.

By signing of both talents, that shows the phenomena of QG that they are supporting the talent of Pakistan who really need a muscular push. Instead of picking up big names as their brand ambassador, QG will keep picking up the talent from different sports and the  arts fields of the country so they can earn an honour for the their country.

The Gladiators stands for resilience, commitment and never say die attitude. With roots in the culturally rich city of Quetta, the QG are impassioned by indomitable qualities of strength, commitment and fighting prowess which personifies the brand. QG, itself identifies with the distinguished qualities of integrity and valor which are synonymous with the culture and people of Quetta.


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