‘Qayamat’s Rashid has a few dialogues inspired from Zamir Naqvi’ Ahsan


Ahsan Khan has disclosed that he picked up late religious scholar Zameer Akhtar Naqvi’s tone for his character Rashid in Qayamat.

While talking to Something Haute, Khan shared that he was really amused and inspired by Naqvi’s famous dialogue ‘Yeah Toh Hoga’ tone which he often used to say in his Majalis.

“Who don’t know Naqvi Sahab and his famous dialogue ‘Yeh Toh Hoga’. The way he used to say it really inspired me, I liked his style so much. Hence, I picked this tone for a couple of my dialogues in Qayamat and it worked well for me,”

Khan went onto clarify further on this matter to avoid any controversy and said it was just the tone that he picked up for his drama’s character. “I respected him a lot and he was a very intellectual person. I mean his knowledge was impeccable and may Allah grant him Jannah. I just took his tone for a drama and all respect to him,” he concluded.

Remember, the late Naqvi was one of the leading religious scholars of the Shia sect. He wrote many religious and poetic books during his life.

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